Jun 27


Peggy Ings, who has been a member of Liberty Church for eight years, tells her story about her upbringing in a house where Jesus was a swearword, but later Jesus Christ became her best friend and healer.

“When oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm.”

I have been aware of God’s protection most of my life, not because I am particularly spiritual, but because He is faithful.

I came from a totally pagan home. But throughout my life, God has provided teachers, mentors, and Christian friends to encourage, admonish me and walk with me.

I cannot pinpoint a time when I realised that from a young age I had been protected by God. Hymns at boarding school, when I was eight or nine years old, always stuck with me.

Later I was sent to Sunday School even though “Jesus Christ” was a swearword in my home.

At an SCA camp, I made a commitment after an altar call. Amazingly enough that my parents even allowed me to go.

So it went on, wherever I found myself God provided me with the right people.

Recently while I was ill, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my life and I was more amazed as I recognised God’s hand.

Four kinds of cancer were dealt with by God’s compassion and grace.

I learned a long time ago that “why” is not always a useful question. “How” is far more important. If I ask God why I am ill, then I must also ask Him why I have not been ill for so many years. When I had breast cancer fourteen years ago, I realised that death is merely the next step in the life cycle. It is perfectly normal.

But “how” is more relevant. “How” to cope with pain and side-effects of treatment was my question.

I did not need to have faith that I would recover, because if I did not, that did not mean that God had failed at all.

The fact that I recovered is simply a sign of God’s profound blessing and mercy.  I have asked God why I am still here, and He is sending across my path people who need a Christian friend.

My relationship with Jesus is special because every day with Him is a new start. Because of Him I am forgiven, accepted and loved. I feel that I belong.

God is my Dad, but He is also in charge. He is the Boss. My God is the King and has limitless resources and is always ready to listen.