Aug 26


As if a church service, a full church programme and normal busy life aren’t enough, there is a 24-hour event being held.

Praise and worship right through the night and a day might sound a bit too much.

But to be in the Lover of your soul’s presence, to soak up His love, to hear His voice in the sweet music, to pour everything you have unto Him, is not a sacrifice. It is an amazing privilege.

It is a place where you get filled up to go out again and again to give.

And that is what I received at 1 Day held at Victory Church on Friday and Saturday.

Speaking out of my own experience, church goes like this: rushing to get kids (and husband) ready for the service. When we are finally seated, I try to get the children to focus, sit still and get myself in the ‘right’ mindset. Then trying to get in a place during praise and worship to focus on the King, while the children pull my hand or fidgeting in my handbag, is almost every Sunday’s battle. When at last they go to children’s ministry the intimate time is nearly over. I feel a bit discouraged by the end of the praise and worship. I wanted to feel that closeness and intimacy much deeper.

This special event of a whole day brings such a refreshment in my soul. In half an hour standing in the presence of God with little distraction, I can get all the ‘fuel’ I need to go on again. “Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere,” the psalmist put it (Psalm 84:10).

I know God loves our praise and worship, but it is also for me. What I put in, He gives back – pure grace! Lifting my spirit, renewing my mind, bringing hope and encouragement, investing peace in my inner-being.

All so that I can shine His light brighter.