Jul 01


Braving the cold six Expedition Rangers of the George Royal Ranger Outpost went on a Junior Leader camp.

On Saturday morning they started with a hike, where they learned about compasses and had to complete a few challenges. “We had a lot of fun,” said Andre. They had to solve puzzles, and used ropes on the trail. The Rangers learned to tie different knots and improved some cooking skills.

Vicky-Lee said she enjoyed the camp. “We have learned how to work together as a team, and we have built friendships. “The most important thing was that we learned about God. I want to thank the leaders who prayed for me.”

Michael said the camp was a great learning curve even though it might have been tough. “It really showed one’s capability. Being challenged and stretched beyond your personal boundaries, develops character.

“I have grown in respect for those who pulled their weight in a team environment.”

They all thanked the leaders for their hard work.

To Pre-Anna the camp was a life-changing experience. “I would not have missed it for the world. I have learned plenty of things that I did not know before like how to use a compass.”

She said any young person who gets the chance to attend such a camp, should take it. “You learn about heavenly things as well and your relationship with the Lord grows stronger. We knew that God was there. I felt so accepted by our Heavenly Father and nothing else mattered except to be in His presence. I actually cannot explain how my heart felt like, but it was just incredible.”