Jul 29


Jesus taught us to say: “Our Father.” We have a heavenly Father who loves communicating with us.

Manda Alcino tells more about the prayer ministry: Liberty has always been a praying church and it is vital for us to establish a culture of prayer and worship. We see prayer as our power source, not as a last resort.

“We believe that prayer, devotion and intimacy with Him is the solid foundation of all our ministry efforts in the Kingdom.”

Through this ministry the church facilitates keeping the focus on our King in adoration and worship, hearing His heart. Through prayer and fasting we look out for the city He has placed us in, anticipating to see His Kingdom come in George.

“We take the mandate to pray and to do the work of the kingdom from the place of prayer and worship as we partner with Him, seriously,” Manda says. “It is bringing heaven’s kingdom here on earth, changing the atmosphere in George. Through prayer we try to impact every sphere of our society – family, education, government, economy, arts, media, religion.”

Liberty has a committed team of people facilitating various prayer initiatives. In this way we can cover a big part of our church and our community in prayer (like our city, our Sunday church activities, our own school, Royal Rangers, the sick and needy, the lost, the eldership and leadership).

Liberty also relates with the wider body of Christ in George and collaborate when and if we can.

“We believe prayer is for all believers and not just for an exclusive group of intercessors. Therefore, accept the call and join your faith to that of other believers as we pray for breakthroughs,” she says.

There is also an active WhatsApp Prayer Chain functioning 24/7 for personal prayer needs. We have experienced wonderful testimonies in the past of God’s provision, leading and healing. You can also receive weekly prayer pointers from us, in connection with the sermon of the week.

Even if you cannot make the call to pray, you can let us know how to pray for you by sending your requests to Helena Saaymans at 073 123 5530. For more information contact Helena.