Jul 18


SOLE Ministry – Seeds of Love Everlasting – cares for the people in Liberty Church and has different outreaches outside of the church.

Edward and Samantha Waddington are leading this initiative.

The vision

The vision of SOLE is to bring God’s love to the unreached and to bring hope to the undeserved.

The projects

“At this time, we have two outreaches in the Conville area. One reaches out to the women on the street. We connect with them, give them something to eat and drink, and have a safe place for them to go to if they need prayer or just need to talk.”

There is also a skills development programme in Conville to teach children and adults how to knit. “The aim for this is to encourage, love and empower the community,” says Samantha. The people in the programme will start off knitting for themselves and ultimately be able to sell what they knit.

The highlights

For Samantha and Eward the highlight of SOLE is being able to help people where needed and seeing the joy on their faces when they experience God’s goodness. It is also good to see people’s generosity.

The challenges

“The challenges are not to be able to help as much as we would like due to financial restraints,” they say.

It is also to not always have enough people volunteering to actively assist with projects.

The community’s support and involvement

Any financial donations and people to be hands-on are welcome. “We need donations of toiletries and toys.”

Prayer requests

SOLE needs prayer for the projects.

  • Wednesday Night Drop-In Center is for the women that are being reached out to, and the church could pray for them to feel safe enough to open up to be ministered to. “Pray that they feel the love of Jesus.”
  • Knitting Hearts Project: for the people to be receptive to learn a new skill, for perseverance with the project and for always having enough people to help, for doors to be opened to lead to relationships and salvations.

Other prayer requests are for protection and wisdom for the people ministering, as well as for new opportunities for sustainable projects to reach the unreached.

Edward and Samantha Waddington